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Counseling Program Supervisor

Job Location: Wichita, Kansas
Job Type: Counseling Supervisor
Department: Behavioral Health
Facility: HopeNet, Inc.
Shift: 8:30am - 4:30pm or 12:30pm - 8pm M/Tu only

HopeNet is a faith based nonprofit organization transforming lives through coaching and counseling. For over 25 years HopeNet has provided mental health services on a sliding scale made possible by donor support. Building on our expertise in mental health, HopeNet has exponentially expanded to impact our community. HopeNet mental health therapists provide counseling to help clients find emotional healing and wellness, providing guidance and assistance in getting to the root cause, breaking destructive cycles and establishing healthy behavioral pattern.


Supervise all Counseling Services and providers. Supervisory duties include training, supervising and motivating staff to provide quality client care and exceed program goals. Collaborates with Program Director to provide quality referrals and services within agency mission. Position includes a therapy caseload to provide direct contact therapeutic services for clientele.

Qualified Mental Health Professional with Masters Level License in Social Work or other equivalent. Licensed by the BSRB in the state of Kansas, at the clinical level. Competent in administration, training, strategic problem solving, statistical data analysis, public speaking and networking.

Two to three years’ clinical experience using a variety of modalities. EMDR certification preferable for long term chronic or high risk clients with trauma. Experience working with at-risk population utilizing local social services and community resources. Training in Bridges Out of Poverty a plus.

TERMS: Full time exempt

Program Director


RESPONSIBILITY 1: Supervise Program Outcomes for Counseling Services
1.1. Meet monthly counseling fiscal budget
1.2. Meet or exceed agency counseling direct contact time monthly goals for counseling services
1.3. Analyze statistical data for counseling service outcomes
1.4. Monitor Show Rate data input to ensure meeting goal of 80% Show Rate
1.5. Record and monitor number of active clients, closing cases accordingly for accurate stats.
1.6. Record number of HR stats and apprise Program Director for client care and security
1.7. Maintain 51% of clients on sliding scale
1.8. Report quarterly demographics
1.9. Review presenting issue stats and build CEU accordingly
1.10. Provide outcomes of counseling service through stats, survey and testimonials.
1.11. Analyze and incorporate statistical data to improve service delivery and ensure sustainability
1.12. Coordinate and assist with job specific software training for Clinical staff members

RESPONSIBILITY 2: Agency Supervision of Counseling Services
2.1. Oversee client care, processes and file management per agency protocol
2.2. Train, supervise and assist in the equipping of HopeNet Mental Health Providers
2.3. Oversee and execute safety protocol for staff and clients
2.4. Oversee clinicians individually to meet direct contact time in agreement in accurately posting availability and adjusting schedules to ensure engagement to meet demand.
2.5. Act as liaison with Clinical Supervisors of clinical staff
2.6. Develop staff expertise by equipping and overseeing continued education
2.7. Oversee planning and execution of weekly Clinical Peer Support Meetings
2.8. Coordinate & monitor training for Mental Health Interns
2.9. Supervise Mental Health Interns from various licensable disciplines
2.10. Lead weekly meetings with supervisees
2.11. Model and foster emotional and Christian spiritual wellness within staff
2.12. Liaison between Coaching, Counseling and Training programs
2.13. Assist Program Director with clinical processes and administrative tasks (as assigned)

RESPONSIBILITY 3: Counseling Services
3.1. Provide direct therapeutic services for short, moderate and long term chronic cases
3.2. Clinically evaluate; select and implement appropriate multidimensional assessment, intervention and evaluation tools
3.3. Establish and implement client treatment plan
3.4. Increase client crisis management skill and identify sustainable change
3.5. Provide quality client care from crisis to exit
3.6. Provide professional therapeutic services for severe trauma, high risk or at risk cases as needed
3.7. Provide services conducive to the respect for the family’s dignity and uphold relational values as demonstrated by Jesus Christ
3.8. Apply knowledge and use rationale to critically select relevant theories, assessments and diagnostic tools for a holistic view as appropriate
3.9. Provide clinical intervention and therapeutic services conducive to the respect for the family’s dignity
3.10. Identify and promote client self-determination and strive to meet treatment goals with client personal competency
3.11. Provide referrals and coordination of services with outside agencies to ensure comprehensive and appropriate services
3.12. Complete casework file notes and case management per agency protocol
3.13. Meet or exceed client case load Direct Contact per employment agreement
3.14. Effectively communicate professional judgments to supervisor and other professional staff in verbal and written formats
3.15. Execute process for safety and security of clientele and staff according to agency protocol
3.16. Conduct oneself within the legal and ethical boundaries as appropriate for credentials and in compliance with certifying entity.

RESPONSIBILITY 4: Team Collaboration & Community Awareness
4.1. Effectively communicate with staff in verbal and written forms
4.2. Participate in weekly team/staff meetings
4.3. Provide progress updates & report on cases in weekly meetings with supervisor
4.4. Participate in weekly peer supervision in group and individual clinical supervision.
4.5. Collaborate with coaching and counseling staff to develop, evaluate and implement collaborative strategies for client care and organizational effectiveness
4.6. Present educational seminars on mental health per agreement.
4.7. Represent HopeNet as licensed professional expert at fundraising and networking events
4.8. Other duties as assigned

RESPONSIBILITY 5: Mission & Ethics
5.1. Represent and uphold the HopeNet mission to “Restoring dignity and hope, based on Christ’s love, by offering comprehensive and professional services.
5.2. Exhibit integrity in all matters of ethics.
5.3. Demonstrate authentic commitment to the Biblical principles of the Christian faith

How To Apply:
Send your resume Jo Lynn Bright. Please share how your journey and faith experience intersects with HopeNet’s mission and vision.

HopeNet, Inc.


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